Intellectual Property

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The industrial property law includes in German law the intellectual property rights of the individual trader to intangible assets such as a technical invention or a brand .

In particular, patent , trademark and design law , but also the Semiconductor Protection Act or the Plant Variety Protection Act regulate the requirements, content and limitations of the exclusive rights to which the rights holder is entitled .

On industrial property protection also is unfair competition law counted so far as it in the Law Against Unfair Competition protects the commercial activity (UWG), although it gives the trader no Intellectual Property ( competition law breaker ). The area created in this way is called the green area (after the specialist magazine GRUR , which has a green cover).

The copyright is not counted among the intellectual property rights as it relates to the protection of personal intellectual creations that come from more artistic than the commercial sector.

Industrial property rights and copyright are summarized under the term of intellectual property .

Individual evidence

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