Wheel of fortune (gambling)

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The wheel of Fortuna in a medieval manuscript

The Wheel of Fortune , Eng. Wheel of Fortune , is a game of chance similar to roulette that is offered in casinos . The wheel of fortune, as you can find it in casinos today , dates from the time of the American gold rush , but the roots of this game can be seen in the medieval depictions of the wheel of Fortune .

The types of games to be found in casinos differ from one another in details; the following illustration is based on the regulations of Casinos Austria .

The game

The wheel of fortune is a rotating wheel with 54 fields separated by metal pins, on each of which one of seven gemstone symbols and the corresponding payout percentage is shown.

The players make their bets, the croupier turns the wheel of fortune - the wheel must turn at least three and at most five times completely - a fixed pin brakes the wheel of fortune until it comes to a standstill and the pin shows the winning symbol. If the spike stops on a metal pin, the previous field wins.

The betting options

symbol Number of fields Payout ratio Bank advantage
sapphire 23 1: 1 14.81%
amethyst 15th 2: 1 16.67%
topaz 8th 5: 1 11.11%
opal 4th 10: 1 18.52%
emerald 2 20: 1 22.22%
ruby 1 45: 1 14.81%
diamond 1 45: 1 14.81%

The bank advantage in the various betting options on the wheel of fortune is much greater than in roulette, for example, it is 1.35% for the single and 2.70% for the multiple chances.


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