God (play)

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Title: God
Original title: God
Genus: comedy
Original language: English
Author: Woody Allen
Premiere: 1975
Place and time of the action: Athens
  • Hepatitis (Author)
  • Diabetes (actor)
  • Dory Levyn (actress)
  • king

u. a.

God is a play by Woody Allen . The play is a parody of the theater itself and its means.


The piece takes place in ancient times. In the comedy “God”, the writer “ Hepatitis ” and the actor “ Diabetes ” meet to write a play that will be performed at the Athens Drama Festival. However, the author cannot think of a good conclusion. Various helpers appear during the production process who want to help the two of them. For example, an inventor appears who introduces a deus ex machina . This should be used when the piece is coming to an end during the performance , so that the hero is freed from his misery (there is no end to the piece).

The play finally written by the author is about a slave who is supposed to bring a message to the queen. This message contains an answer to the question of whether there is a God. The message is "yes". When God (Zeuss) then goes to earth with the deus ex machina, he hangs himself (as a result of an accident).


  • About God: "If there is one, then man is not solely responsible for his actions."
  • "If you want to write a good piece, you should look for a strong ending and then write forward."
  • “I have just come back from a discussion with Socrates in the Acropolis and he has shown me that I don't exist. So I'm pretty bent. "

Important productions

An important production can be seen in the Theater an der Ruhr under Roberto Ciulli .

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