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The Grækarismessa (see St. Gregory's Day ) is a legal flag day in the Faroe Islands . It takes place every year on March 12th when the tjaldur ( oystercatcher ) returns from the south.

The Grækarismessa marks the beginning of spring in the Faroe Islands. This holiday was introduced in 1943 by the committed journalistic work of the conservationist Sverri Patursson . The Tjaldur has been the national symbol ( tjóðfugl - national bird ) of the Faroe Islands since the beginning of the 19th century . Nólsoyar Páll sang about it in his Fuglakvæði .

A Faroese superstition (children's belief) says that when you see the first Tjaldur and it flies towards you, the year brings personal bad luck. However, if you see the first Tjaldur as it flies past you, then the year brings luck.

Grækarismessa speeches

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