Green flour

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Green flours are dried and ground green plants in flour form. They are produced technically for animal feed or for human consumption as additives and food supplements , e.g. B. for coloring pasta or as an additive to smoothies .

Green meal for use as animal feed is mostly made from grass, clover or alfalfa. It is mainly used as an alternative protein feed and as a carotene carrier, either as flour in concentrated feed or as cobs or briquettes (roughly chopped and pressed).

As horse feed, green meal is usually pressed into pellets .

Their dry matter is 90%. Green alfalfa meal has a very high calcium content of around 17 g per kg, while meadow green meal only has around 6 g per kg. When feeding with alfalfa meal, the horse owner has to pay attention to a correspondingly high phosphorus content in the rest of the food.

Green flours for human consumption can be made from leafy vegetables such as lettuce , garden algae or spinach, as well as wild herbs such as ground grass , nettles , garlic mustard or wild garlic . The crushed plant matter used to serve as a supplier of vitamins and minerals, especially in winter, and was used to thicken soups and sauces.

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