Grafenmühlenweg 18-20

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Grafenmühlenweg 18-20

The building Grafenmühlenweg 18-20 in Cologne district of Dellbrück is a listed double house.


The building, constructed in 1921 according to plans by the Cologne architect Wilhelm Riphahn , has two floors and a three-axis mirrored, almost decor-free facade. As a representative of the architectural movement of New Building , it only has individual decorative elements that have been used sparingly in favor of an aesthetic distribution of the building mass.

The decorative elements of the facade are a flat niche with keystone , with which the two arched windows of the gable floor are combined with the windows below, as well as shutters on the ground floor and first floor. The front doors have lattice windows and are provided with skylights, making them the only elements of the facade that are reminiscent of traditional decorative shapes.

The building works together with the two similar-scale neighboring buildings Grafenmühlenweg 22-24 and 26-28 a rhythmic impression, which is achieved through the distribution of building mass. The first axes have, apart from the front gable, tower-like elevations, the building is flanked in the third axis by garages in front of the core structure, so that the alternation of larger and smaller building blocks leads to a variety of views of the entire ensemble. Together with the restraint in the decor, a compromise between traditional and modern construction is achieved.


After Dellbrück was incorporated into the urban area of ​​Cologne in 1914, a number of single-family and tenement houses were built around the main traffic axis Bergisch Gladbacher Straße, which still shape the appearance of the district today. The ensemble of three twin houses in Grafenmühlenweg, which was flanked by similarly designed buildings in the 1930s, has a major impact on this section of the street and thus documents the development of the village of Dellbrück into a residential suburb of Cologne.

Since June 15, 1983, the buildings have been a listed building (numbers 1534 and 2685) because of their artistic and historical significance for the Dellbrück district.

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Coordinates: 50 ° 58 ′ 34.5 ″  N , 7 ° 4 ′ 2.1 ″  E