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description Music magazine
Area of ​​Expertise Classical music
language English
publishing company Mark Allen Group (UK)
First edition 1923
Frequency of publication per month
Sold edition 20,331 (2017) copies
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Gramophone is a British classical music magazine from Haymarket, based in London .

History and profile

Gramophone was founded in 1923 by Compton Mackenzie . Initially, the magazine name was accompanied by the additional description “The world's best classical music magazine”, but it is currently changed to The world's best classical music reviews .

Every year the magazine's critics choose the winners of the Gramophone Awards . Each month, the critics award recordings of classical music with the Gramophone Choice and in the December edition each critic names a selection of four to five important recordings of the year as part of the Gramophone Critics' Choice .

Gramophone Hall of Fame

In 2012 the magazine opened the Gramophone Hall of Fame . It is dedicated to musicians, sound engineers and employees in the classical music industry who have distinguished themselves. Elections are made digitally every year via the magazine's website, which provides a comprehensive shortlist. Everyone who visits the site is entitled to vote. The Hall of Fame is intended to reflect the preferences of the listeners of classical music. In 2012, 50 personalities were added to the classical music world, in 2013 another 40 and since 2014 ten members have been added every spring.

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Individual evidence

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