Grand Duke March

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The Grand Duke March is a march by Johann Strauss Sohn (op. 107). The work was performed for the first time on March 21, 1852 in the Vienna Palais of Prince Paul Anton Prince Esterhazy.


The march was the state visit of Tsar against the background of Nicholas I of Russia in Vienna, where he Emperor I Franz Joseph was received. The Tsar was accompanied by two of his sons, the Grand Duke Michael and Nikolai . There were several cultural events in the framework of this state visit. Among other things, Prince Paul Anton von Esterhazy gave a soiree for the two grand princes. The musical accompaniment was entrusted to Johann Strauss, who composed the march dedicated to the two Russian princes and performed it at the event. The first public performance of the work took place on May 2, 1852 in Ungers Casino .

The playing time on the CD listed under individual records is 2 minutes and 50 seconds. This time can vary somewhat depending on the conductor's musical conception.

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  1. Source: English version of the booklet (page 69) in the 52 CD complete edition of the orchestral works by Johann Strauss (son), publisher Naxos (label) . The work can be heard as the first track on the 25th CD.