Gunman Chronicles

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Gunman Chronicles is a first person shooter for Windows , which is based on the Half-Life - Engine ( GoldSrc based). Originally designed as a fan of a team, Rewolf Inc., programmed free single player - modification thought this team was from Sierra saved and the game sold as a separate title with the Year of the 2000th In this respect, “Gunman Chronicles” has only a small part to do with Half-Life.


In a distant future, the player slips into the role of an experienced "gunman" (in German, for example: armed robber, gangster). He embodies the fictional person Major Archer, who has been the head of the Gunman troop for 5 years. For some inexplicable reason, several colonies were overrun by a swarm of aliens called a "xenom organism". It is up to the player to stop this invasion and find out why. One comes across a mad ex-Gunmen general who was believed to have died a heroic death in a battle on a planet called "Bensure Prime". On the one hand, however, he would like to take revenge on the people, especially the Gunmen, because they left him on this planet at that time, and on the other hand, to become ruler of a new great empire, with the help of the xenom organism.


The biggest difference to many other first-person shooters is the ability of the player to configure his weapons to a greater extent. The ratio of acid , base and water to chemical weapons can be freely configured, which influences the damage and the type of shot. For other weapons the ammunition consumption or the rate of fire can be configured.

In addition, there is a section in the game in which the player can drive a freely controllable vehicle, which was still considered revolutionary when the game appeared in first-person shooters.


The surname of the founder of "Rewolf Inc." is Flower, which when read backwards means Rewolf.

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