HC Château-d'Oex

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HC Château-d'Oex
Greatest successes
  • Swiss champion 1924
  • Series A champions in 1946
Club information
history HC Château-d'Oex (since 1919)
HC Château-d'Oex-Gstaad (1960s − 1997)
Location Château-d'Oex , Switzerland
Club colors Red, black and white
league 2nd league, group 6
Venue Patinoire Parc des Sports
Head coach Jean-Cartier Hervé
2012/13 7th place, playoff semi-finals

The hockey club Château-d'Oex is an ice hockey club from Château-d'Oex in Switzerland .


In 1917, ice hockey was played for the first time by the English in Château-d'Oex and a first cup tournament was held, the trophy of which was made available by the local dealers. Two years later, in January 1919, the HC Château-d'Oex was founded under the patronage of a dentist named Leuzinger and the local trading community. Just a few days later, the newly founded club took part in the Swiss championship .

In 1924, the club, led by the native Englishman Ernest Mottier , became Swiss champions . Mottier later took part in the 1924 Olympic Games in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc for Switzerland. In 1930 the club played a friendly game against the Canadian national ice hockey team on the ice of the Grand Hotel, which was lost 6-0.

After the reorganization of the Swiss championship and the establishment of the National League A , the club belonged to the second-class Serie A and won the championship of this division in 1946. While the neighboring ice hockey club from Gstaad developed well in the 1950s and played in the National League B for two years, HC Château-d'Oex played in the third-class first division and failed in 1956 in the promotion round to HC Sierre and Lausanne HC II. In the early 1960s, the club was relegated to the second division and in 1966 and 1975 managed to return to the first division. In order to be competitive in the first division, the club merged with HC Gstaad and from then on carried the name HC Château-d'Oex-Gstaad .

In 1967, the club set up a football division that later broke away from the club.

In 1988, Rudolf Raemy, an experienced coach, was hired who reorganized and modernized the training and environment of the first team. As a result, the team reached first place in their group in the 2nd division and rose to the 1st division. Due to the financial situation of the club, this level of play could not be maintained, so that the club again relegated to the 2nd division in 1991. In 1993 a second team was founded within the club, which consisted mainly of players from Gstaad and took part in the 4th league. With the construction of the artificial ice rink in Parc des Sports in 1997, the cooperation with Gstaad was ended.


The club's home games are played on the artificial ice rink of the Parc des Sports .


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