HK Almaty

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HK Almaty
ХК Алматы
HK Almaty ХК Алматы
Club information
history Awtomobilist Alma-Ata (1967–1972)
Jenbek Alma-Ata (1972–1994)
Jenbek Almaty (1994–2010)
HK Almaty (since 2010)
Location Almaty , Kazakhstan
Club colors yellow blue
league Kazakh ice hockey championship
Venue Chalyk Arena
Head coach Alexander Vysotsky
2017/18 4th place (preliminary round), playoff quarter-finals

The HK Almaty ( Russian ХК Алматы ) is a hockey team from the Kazakhstan Almaty . The club was founded in 1967 and takes part in the Kazakh championship .


Team photo 2017/18 season

The club was founded in 1967 as Awtomobilist Alma-Ata and played in the lower Soviet leagues. In 1975 the team was disbanded for the first time. In 1980 the newly founded Jenbek Alma-Ata took part in the third highest league. In 1982 the club rose and was dissolved again in 1985 after relegation from the Pervaya League in the 1983/84 season . The club was founded for the third time in 1999 and has played in the first division of Kazakhstan ever since. Only in the 1999/2000 season did the team make it to the final round of the championship. Most recently it was one of the weaker teams in the league. In 2010 the club was renamed HK Almaty.

Interior of the Chalyk Arena

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