HMS Indefatigable

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Seven ships of the Royal Navy were baptized with the name HMS Indefatigable (German: Die Untermüdliche ).

  • The first Indefatigable was a 64-gun ship of the line with 2 decks, launched in 1784, she was converted into a frigate (44 guns) in 1794 (" Razee ") and achieved fame under her captain Sir Edward Pellew .
  • The second indefatigable was an armed ship purchased in 1804 and sold in 1805.
  • The third indefatigable was to be a 50-gun fourth class sailor (2,084 t, 176 ft long, 53 ft high), commissioned November 29, 1832, denounced March 1834.
  • The fourth Indefatigable was also a 50-gun fourth class ship, launched in 1848, sold in 1914.
  • The fifth Indefatigable was a second class cruiser, launched in 1891, renamed Melpomene in 1910 , sold in 1913.
  • The sixth Indefatigable was a battle cruiser of the same class that was launched in 1909. It was sunk in the Battle of the Skagerrak in 1916.
  • The seventh Indefatigable was an Implacable-class aircraft carrier. She took part in the hunt for the battleship Tirpitz and was later transferred to the Pacific. There she was the first British ship to be subjected to a kamikaze attack. It was scrapped in 1956.

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