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Hadia Medical is one of the few international aid organizations operating in Somalia . Hadia Medical has offices in Abudwak (Somalia) and Winterthur . According to its statutes, the Hadia Medical Swiss-Somalia association , founded in Zurich in March 2002, aims to "improve Somali livelihoods and the Somali health and school system". The association was founded on the initiative of Somali doctors in order to provide simple but practical help for self-help. He works in the city of Abudwak in central Somalia.

Hadia Medical's “particular strength” is the major contribution of leading families from the region around the city of Abudwak. A quarter of the founding members of the association are Somalis from the region, mostly doctors trained and active in Europe. Hadia Medical is supported by the governments of Switzerland and Somalia as well as by all local clan leaders.

The name Hadia comes from the Somali language and describes the acacia . According to the association, the logo, the resilient acacia, is intended to symbolize the long-suffering Somalis that their country can withstand all the storms in the Horn of Africa with a strong will and will be able to bloom again in the future.

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