Hagen 72

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Hagen 72 was a sports club from Hagen . The first soccer team once took part in the West German soccer championship .


The club was founded on June 29, 1872 as a gymnastics club. In 1922 there was a merger with Eintracht Eckesey 02 , which was dissolved a year later as part of the clean divorce . In 1925 they merged with the lawn sports club 1900 Hagen to TuRa Hagen 72 . This merged on September 16, 1945 with the sports community Altenhagen-Eckesey to Westfalia Hagen .

At the beginning of the 1910s, a football department was founded, which in 1926 was promoted to the 1st district class in South Westphalia , which was the top division at the time. Just two years later, the team secured the district championship with a 2-1 playoff win over SpVg Hagen and only finished last in the West German championship . In 1930 and 1931 , the Hageners were each South Westphalian runner-up, both times failing in the quarter-finals of the second round .

In addition to the football department, the club's fistball players could draw attention to themselves. Between 1925 and 1929 they became West German champions five times in a row.

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