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A bibcode is an identifier format for referencing astronomical and astrophysical specialist literature. Bibcodes are used in particular by the astronomical databases SIMBAD and NED as well as the Astrophysics Data System , an extensive database for specialist literature in the field of astronomy and astrophysics . The bibcode was introduced in 1995 and is therefore older than the DOI .

A bibcode consists of exactly 19 characters ( Latin letters , digits and point , percent sign and colon ) and has the format



JJJJ the year of appearance
QQQQQa code for the source, usually the abbreviation of a scientific journal, e.g. B. AJfor The Astronomical Journal
BBBB is the number of the volume or year of a magazine
Arefers to the section or part of a publication, e.g. B. Lfor letters
SSSS is the first page of the respective article
Nis the first letter in the family name of the first named author. If this cannot be determined, there is a colon here. If, as is the case with some books, the identifier does not correspond to the normal form as a whole, a percentage sign is shown here.

Empty or partially filled fields are filled with a point. The source code is filled from the right and otherwise from the left.

Bibcode Corresponding bibliography according to Wikipedia: citation rules (as an example)
bibcode : 1974AJ ..... 79..819H WD Heintz: Astrometric study of four visual binaries. In: The Astronomical Journal. Vol. 79, 1974, pp. 819-825.
bibcode : 1924MNRAS..84..308E AS Eddington: On the relation between the masses and luminosities of the stars. In: Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. Vol. 84, 1924, pp. 308-332.
bibcode : 1970ApJ ... 161L..77K JC Kemp, JB Swedlund, JD Landstreet, JRP Angel: Discovery of circularly polarized light from a white dwarf . In: The Astrophysical Journal Letters. Vol. 161, 1970, pp. L77-L79.


  • M. Schmitz, G. Helou, P. Dubois, C. LaGue, B. Madore, BH Corwin Jr., S. Lesteven: NED and SIMBAD Conventions for Bibliographic Reference Coding. In: D. Egret, MA Albrecht (Ed.): Information & On-Line Data in Astronomy. Kluwer, 1995, p. 259 ( online ).

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