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Half leather strap

In contrast to the full volume , the half-volume is a binding in which only the spine and possibly also the corners or the front edges of the book covers are covered with a hard-wearing material , but the covers themselves are only covered with paper or thin fabric.

The name is derived from the higher quality material of the book spine, so that a distinction is made between half leather (and the special case of half French ), half parchment , half fabric and half linen volumes. Common abbreviations (also in the directory of the German National Library) are:

Hldrbd = half leather (one) band
Hpergbd = half parchment (one) band
Hlwbd = half-canvas (one) band

Half-volumes made of fabric or linen are no longer cheaper today, despite the lower material costs compared to full-volume volumes, since their production requires a greater amount of work and the costs for this meanwhile exceed those of the material. This restriction does not apply to half-leather and parchment ribbons, as these are rarely in demand and have to be produced individually by hand. In addition, the material costs are also considerably higher than for textile fabrics.


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