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Full strap made of calfskin, stitched onto real frets, with hand gilding and blind printing

In bookbinding , the term full volume refers to a cover that is completely covered with the same cover material , i.e. both the spine and the book cover . The cover does not necessarily have to consist of one piece.

The counterpart to the full volume is the half volume , in which only the spine and possibly the corners or the front edges of the book cover are covered with a hard-wearing material, but the cover itself is only covered with paper or thin fabric.

The most widespread forms of the whole band are all leather , fabric and parchment bands , with leather and parchment as the more valuable materials often being richly decorated. The Franz strap as a special case of the leather strap can also be made as a full strap, but linen is also possible as a cover material. The form common today is the whole fabric tape, which is now cheaper than the corresponding half tape due to the lower workload and higher material costs.

Common abbreviations (also in the directory of the German National Library) are:

Ldrbd = leather (one) band
Pergbd = parchment (a) band
Lwbd = canvas (one) band


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