Surveying Handbook

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The Handbook of Surveying is a 14-volume series of specialist books on the classic areas of geodesy . JEK is also used as a short name , which symbolizes the three original authors Wilhelm Jordan , Otto Eggert and Max Kneissl .

The first edition appeared in 1872 as the "Pocket Book of Practical Geometry". From the second edition in 1877 the title was "Handbuch der Vermessungskunde" and was soon considered the worldwide standard work for the individual sub-areas. Until about 1972, they were kept up to date with the latest technology through new editions. From 1956 the series was redesigned and expanded by Max Kneissl (Munich), but later no longer continued as a complete series in favor of special books. Nevertheless, individual volumes are still of great importance as the basis of the subject, including those by Max Kneissl, Karl Ledersteger and Karl Ramsayer .

Last editions

  • Martha Näbauer : Mathematical basics, adjustment calculation and calculation aids (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 1 ). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1961.
  • Willi Beck: Landforms, reproduction, topographic maps and map illustrations (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 1 a). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1957.
  • Max Kneissl: field and land measurements, staking out work . with appendix "Auxiliary tables and calculation examples" (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 2 ). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1963.
  • Karl Ramsayer: Geodetic Astronomy (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 2 a). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1970.
  • Max Kneissl: Height measurement, tachymetry (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 3 ). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1956.
  • Karl Rinner / Rudolf Burkhardt: Photogrammetrie (3 volumes) (=  Handbook of Surveying . 3a). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1972.
  • Max Kneissl: Mathematical Geodesy (Land Surveying) (=  Handbook of Surveying . 4 (in 2 volumes)). 10., completely reworked. u. reorganized. Metzler, Stuttgart 1959.
  • Hans Gamperl: Rural Reorganization (=  Handbook of Surveying . 4b). 10th edition. Metzler, Stuttgart 1967.
  • Karl Ledersteger: Astronomical and physical geodesy (earth measurement) (=  handbook of surveying . Volume 5 ). 10., completely reworked. u. reorganized. Metzler, Stuttgart 1969.
  • Anton Graf: Gravimetric instruments and measuring methods (=  handbook of surveying . Volume 5 a). 10., completely reworked. u. reorganized. Metzler, Stuttgart 1967.
  • Karl Rinner , Friedrich Benz: Distance measurement with electromagnetic waves and their geodetic application (=  Handbook of Surveying . Volume 6 ). Metzler, Stuttgart 1966.