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Otto Eggert (1920)

Hermann Paul Otto Eggert (born February 4, 1874 in Tilsit ; † January 20, 1944 in Danzig ) was a German geodesist and professor at the technical universities of Danzig and Berlin , where he was also rector in 1933/34 . From 1936 to 1939 he headed the Geodetic Institute Potsdam .


The Eggert family was one of the Salzburg exiles who came to Prussia around 1730. His father Hermann Eggert was a master tailor in Tilsit, his wife Johanna Bluhm was the daughter of a milk merchant.


Similar to Wilhelm Jordan before him, he was instrumental in redesigning the academic training of surveyors and in re-establishing the Berlin chairs for geodetic astronomy and photogrammetry . He is known to this day for the continuation and publication of the textbook series Handbuch der Vermessungskunde (JEK Jordan-Eggert-Kneißl).

In 1920 he was elected a member of the Leopoldina . In 1943 Eggert was awarded the Helmert commemorative coin from the German Association for Surveying .


In 1903 he married Elsa Schultz († 1944), a daughter of the chamber musician Albert Schultz . The couple had a daughter.


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