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Handwheel for operating a valve

A handwheel is a machine element used to transmit rotary movements to a machine by hand . Handwheels are used, for example, on fittings , machine tools and for emergency operation on geared motors. Sometimes they are also given a handle for the easier transmission of fast turning movements, whereby the handwheel becomes a hand crank . Depending on the medium to be shut off, the handwheels of slides and valves are designed in different ways. So you can immediately see whether it is air, steam, gas or water that is in a pipeline system. Moving handwheels (for example on machine tools) must be closed (without spokes) due to the risk of injury. Handwheels are subject to the national standard DIN 950.

Another frequent use of handwheels are the seat and backrest inclination adjustments in passenger cars .

Steering wheels for passenger cars
Ship steering wheel

Steering or steering wheel

A modified form of the handwheel is the steering or steering wheel for steering a vehicle .

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