Hans Joachim Postel

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Hans-Joachim Postel (born June 19, 1925 - March 22, 2013 ) was a German intelligence officer .

In 1969 he published the algorithm known under the name of Kölner Phonetik or Kölner method , which assigns the same code number to German words that are very similar or sounding the same, in order to make it possible to search for sound instead of letter sequences in databases.

On September 19, 1980, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on ribbon .

Postel lived in Meckenheim near Bonn.

He was buried in the family grave in the old cemetery in Rösrath .


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  • Hans-Joachim Postel: That's how it was ... my life in the 20th century. Warlich, Meckenheim 1999, ISBN 3-930376-20-2 .


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