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The Hantec is a dialect that is spoken in the greater area of ​​the city of Brno ( Brno in Czech ) in Moravia . This colloquial language is based on and a mixture of the languages ​​of the Slavic Hannak and the former German and Jewish inhabitants. The Brno colloquial language is often used in traditional craft trades (e.g. designating tools). In recent years, more and more young people have remembered this tradition, so that a local culture with contemporary songs, literature and new terms is emerging.

Word examples

Salina "Tram" from German , "electrical line"
čurina "Fun"
hokna "Job" from dialectal "Hackn"
zoncna "Sun" from the German
Prýgl Brno reservoir
love "Money"
čórka "Theft" from the Romani
erteple "Erdapfel" = "Potato"
fusakle "Socks" from "foot" (clothing)
helfnót "help"
hercna "Heart"
ksicht "Face"
Fachmon "Specialist"
flastr "Band Aid" or punishment / fine

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Individual evidence

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