Lilium oxypetalum

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Lilium oxypetalum
Lilium oxypetalum

Lilium oxypetalum

Order : Lily-like (Liliales)
Family : Lily family (Liliaceae)
Subfamily : Lilioideae
Genre : Lilies ( Lilium )
Type : Lilium oxypetalum
Scientific name
Lilium oxypetalum

Lilium oxypetalum is a species from the genus of the lilies ( Lilium ) in the Asian section . The species was described by Ernest Henry Wilson in 1925as Nomocharis oxypetala andassigned tothe genus Nomocharis , but according to current research it is a lily species.


Lilium oxypetalum reaches a height of about 30 cm. The leaves are linear, up to 6 cm long and densely distributed around the stem .

The plant blooms in June with one or two horizontally pendent, bell-shaped flowers. The hermaphrodite flowers are threefold. The six identical spatulate bracts ( tepals ) have a pointed apex , they are about 5 cm long and up to 3 cm wide. The basic color of the flowers is greenish-purple or purple-pink, with or without fine points. The anthers and pollen are brown, the filaments are green. The nectaries are ciliated, the stylus is green and about 3 cm in size and the scar is yellow-orange. The seeds mature in seed pods.

The onions are small and covered with white scales.


Lilium oxypetalum needs fresh, cool places at altitudes between 3400 and 5100 m above sea level.

The species is endemic in the Himalayas , the range extends from the northern Indian city of Shimla to western Nepal .



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