Budget year

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The financial year corresponds to Germany for the Federal Government in accordance with § 4 BHO the calendar year . According to Section 4 of the Budget Principles Act , this applies equally to the federal states. However, you can usually still book for the old budget year until the end of January of the new calendar year. This is necessary, for example, if receipts from receivables from the old year are not paid until the new year or if payments from the old year have not yet been recorded in the accounting (e.g. the Bundesbank needs it for the procurement of foreign currency and its accounting usually two working days). The period in which bookings can be made for the old and the new budget year is regulated in the annual financial statement issued by the BMF .

Contrary to the budget year, the Federal Forest Administration's forestry year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th. It is named after the calendar year in which it ends.