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Hedge economy in Volkach

The term Heckenwirt has two meanings.

On the one hand, it is used to describe an innkeeper who runs an "Winkelschänke". Such a bar does not have an official license, it is operated without permission. Drinks are only served in secret. In earlier times, hedge farmers were considered dissolute, they were also said to be pimp deals.

"Heckenwirt" is nowadays usually used as a swear word for a dubious landlord with a neglected pub.

On the other hand, this term also refers to hosts who temporarily (seasonally) officially dispense must or wine and display a clearly visible pine branch, a colorful bouquet (" Strausswirtschaft ") or a hedge (grapevine) in front of their house as a sign . In the Austrian-speaking area, the Strauss tavern is called "Buschenschänke".

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