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The term medicine describes the totality of human knowledge and abilities about the development, healing and prevention (prevention) of diseases. It is used as a synonym for medicine in general, but also within alternative medicine , folk medicine and every form of psychotherapy .

Practicing a medicine

The practice of a medicine (also called healing art ) is legally regulated differently in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, see article Heilpraktiker .

In individual cases, it may be permitted outside of the regulating laws in Germany if a direct or indirect risk to the patient from the treatment activity can be excluded. There is an immediate risk if the treatment itself can harm the patient. There is an indirect risk if the patient is prevented from visiting the doctor.

Supporting activities

According to § 90 AsylG , asylum seekers who have completed medical training can, under certain conditions, be authorized to temporarily practice medicine so that they can support doctors in providing medical care for asylum seekers. The activity may only be carried out under the responsibility of a doctor and only in reception facilities according to § 44 or collective accommodation according to § 53 AsylG. The regulation of § 90 AsylG, which was introduced with the Asylum Procedure Acceleration Act that came into force on October 24, 2015 , will expire on October 24, 2017.

For Austria it is reported: “In the opinion of the Ministry of Health, refugees with medical training can work as interpreters or assistants under the supervision of a qualified doctor in Austria. There is also the possibility of transferring individual medical activities by a doctor authorized to practice in Austria to persons who have a local and personal relationship with the patient and who credibly assure that they were doctors and were medical practitioners in their country of origin. "

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