Fatty degeneration of the heart

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Enlarged, fatty heart

Herzverfettung (also fatty heart , lipomatosis cordis , Cor adiposum or obesity cordis , Engl. : Fatty heart ) is an imprecise defined term used for various diseases and phenomena at the heart is used.

In lipomatosis cordis, there is a differentiation of connective tissue into fat cells (interstitial fatty tissue due to hyperplasia of the fat tissue). The causes include obesity ("obesity") and damage to the heart muscle tissue (myocardial damage). The fatty degeneration of the heart in obesity affects the right ventricle in particular and can therefore lead to right heart failure. Myocardial damage occurs e.g. B. as a result of chronic alcoholism. The fatty degeneration of the heart then also affects the left ventricle and can be associated with dilated cardiomyopathy .

Occasionally, the term is also used for " fatty myocardial degeneration ", as it is u. a. in arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy . The term has also been used historically and in trivial literature or colloquial language as a synonym for coronary heart disease (“fatty tissue” or “calcification” of the coronary arteries ).