Hezilo of Havelberg

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Hezilo (Latin Hezil ; † April 26 after 1109) was Bishop of Havelberg in exile from 1096 to 1109.


There is an unusually large amount of information about Hezilo in comparison with other Havelberg bishops of his time. Its origin is unknown, but several mentions in the Swabian region indicate a relationship to this region.

Hezilo was ordained Bishop of Havelberg by Archbishop Hartwig of Magdeburg , the year is unknown. Like all his predecessors, he had no access to the diocese area east of the Elbe since 983 and resided in an unknown place in exile. In 1096, Hezilo was first mentioned along with other bishops at the consecration of the new Pegau monastery east of the Saale. Before 1100 he consecrated the new church of the St. Blasien monastery in the Black Forest with Bishop Gebhard III. from Constance .

In 1102, Hezilo directed the burial of Archbishop Hartwig of Magdeburg, which indicates a prominent position among the East Saxon bishops. In 1104 he consecrated the Altar St. Pancracii in the provost office of Zurich . In 1106 Hezilo was named as provost of the Bibra collegiate monastery in Thuringia. In 1107 he consecrated the new Archbishop Adalgot of Magdeburg , possibly against the will of the Pope. Around 1108 Hezilo was named as one of the senders of a call for the restoration of the Church in the Slavic areas east of the Elbe, the character of which is unclear.

In 1109 Hezilo consecrated the church of St. Leonhard near Bölsch in the diocese of Strasburg, where he was last mentioned on September 29th. He died on April 26th, as his entry in the necrology in the southern Swabian monastery of Zwiefalten attests, the year of death is unknown.


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