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HIAT ( h alb i nterpretative A rbeits- T ranskription) refers to a method for textualization spoken language . It is used in linguistics and especially in functional-pragmatic discourse analysis and German-speaking conversation analysis. HIAT was developed by linguists Jochen Rehbein and Konrad Ehlich . It exists parallel to the transcription conventions developed by Gail Jefferson .

The basic principle of HIAT is the notation of the score, which is used to assign a single line to all participants in the conversation, similar to scores for orchestral music. The parts of the conversation that lie on top of each other are the parts spoken at the same time, so-called overlaps. To clarify the cohesion, related parts are held together with brackets.

The score editor of the EXMARaLDA system is usually used for computer-aided transcribing according to HIAT.


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Individual evidence

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