Hit (baseball)

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Batter while trying to get a hit

In baseball , a hit is when the batter reaches a base after a successful hit with the ball. In baseball statistics , the batter gets a hit when he reaches first base after a valid hit of the ball without the benefit of an error or fielder's choice .

Valid hits

To get a hit, the batter must reach first base,

  • before a field player can touch him with the ball ( tagging )
  • before a field player throws the ball to another player at base
  • before a field player reaches base with the ball

The hit is scored the moment the player reaches first base. If the runner is played as part of a double play or triple play , he will still be credited with a hit.

Types of hits

A hit by which the batter reaches first base is called a single. Accordingly, hits that lead to reaching second and third base count as double and triple . A home run also counts as a hit. Doubles, triples and home runs are also called extra base hits . An infield hit is a hit in which the ball does not leave the infield. Infield hits are rare and are usually achieved by very fast runners.


A no-hitter is a baseball game in which one of the teams doesn't get a single hit. A no-hitter is a rare event and is considered as a major achievement of the participating Pitcher . In professional baseball, no-hitters are usually scored by a pitcher playing a full game. In a no-hitter game, opponents can theoretically still reach bases if this occurs through walks , errors, hit by pitch or through special influences. If the pitcher does not allow an opponent to reach base, it is a perfect game .


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