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A Huntare was an administrative unit of the Frankish Empire in the early Middle Ages .

The Huntare refers to an association of warriors used by the Frankish king to administer an area, a so-called Hundertschar , or a small settlement. These huntare were mainly laid out along the former Roman roads at strategically important points in order to secure borders, traffic routes and river crossings. From these Huntaren then the further settlement of the as yet undeveloped surrounding area started. A particularly large number of Huntaren were in the Alemannic Danube area, where the Baaren were bordered by several Huntaren.

The place names of these Huntare were often formed from the name of the military leader with an addition such as -baar , -dorf or, more rarely, -burg . The name Huntare was also used in several place names, especially in the three places with the name Hundersingen ("Huntaris-ingen") in the districts of Reutlingen , Sigmaringen and Alb-Donau .

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