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The concise dictionary of German legal history , HRG for short , is considered the leading reference work on German legal history . In alphabetical order, it offers explanations of legal historical, historical and legal technical terms, events and personalities that are as generally understandable as possible. The time frame ranges from antiquity to the present, with a focus on the time since the Middle Ages. In addition to legal historians, theologians and medievalists, the target group is those from all historically working disciplines. The work is published by Erich Schmidt Verlag Berlin.

First edition

The first edition of the HRG appeared between 1964 and 1998 in forty deliveries, which were summarized in a total of five volumes. The first volume was completed in 1971. The work was founded by Wolfgang Stammler , who had the idea for this concise dictionary in 1960, Adalbert Erler and Ekkehard Kaufmann . After Stammler's death, it was published by Adalbert Erler, Ekkehard Kaufmann and Dieter Werkmüller with the philological collaboration of Ruth Schmidt-Wiegand .

Second edition

The second edition of the HRG has been in existence since 2004 following extensive preparatory work. It is edited by Albrecht Cordes , Hans-Peter Haferkamp (from 2012), Heiner Lück and Dieter Werkmüller as well as Ruth Schmidt-Wiegand , with Christa Bertelsmeier-Kierst as philological advisor from 2009 . The new edition, in which more than 590 specialist authors are now involved, should comprise six volumes. The articles are continuously reworked in order to take full account of new scientific findings from the 50 years since the first deliveries of the previous edition were made. Numerous new lemmas have also been added. Compared to the previous edition, more recent history is included and the European context emphasized more clearly.

The first three volumes of this edition were published in 2008, 2012 and 2016. They consist of a total of 24 deliveries from 2004 to 2016 and include the keywords "Aachen" to "Geistliche Bank" (Volume 1), "Geistliche Jurisdiction" to “Confiscation → Confiscation” (Volume 2) and “Conflict Management” to “Novgorod” (Volume 3). Volume 4 begins with the keyword “sobriety, sober” and is scheduled to be completed in 2020. It is followed by two more volumes that are expected to complete the work by 2028. The digital version of the concise dictionary is being created parallel to the print version.

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