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Hunter Brown is a Christian fantasy series. In the course of the story, the protagonist Hunter Brown becomes a member of a group called "Word Warriors" and fights with them against the enemy, the shadows. The trilogy was written by brothers Christopher and Allan Miller. The books are primarily intended for teenagers.

The first book was published in 2008, the second in 2010 and the third in 2011 by SCM R. Brockhaus .


The story takes place around the present day. Technical devices such as B. the video camera in the first book. The protagonist Hunter is 13 years old at the beginning of the first book and lives with his mother and sister in the fictional city of Destiny. In the course of the plot, Hunter comes into a parallel world called Solandria . In addition to humans, there are also fantasy creatures such as trolls, but also their own creations such as the thunderbird. In Solandria there are two parties, the Shadows and the Word Warrior Resistance.

About the books

The books are written first-person from the perspective of the main character, Hunter Brown. Narrative tense is the simple past . Black and white drawings by the authors can be seen on some pages.

The translation into German of the first volume is by Karen Gerwig and the second by Claudia Engelberth, while the translation of the third volume resulted from a collaboration between Claudia Engelberth and Wolfgang Günter.


Volume I: The Fight Against the Shadows

English Original Title: The Secret of the Shadow

On the last day of school before summer vacation, thirteen-year-old Hunter Brown got hold of a strange old book. This book soon shows itself to him and his friend as the gateway to Solandria from another world. Hunter is trained there to become a word warrior, a resistance that defends itself against the "shadows", the ruling party. But before he can finish his training, he is sent on a special mission alone. Solandria's future seems to be in his hands and he lives again and again in a struggle with doubts and fears that come over him. Ultimately, however, he and the other word warriors can put the enemy to flight.

Volume II: The Flame of Eternity

English Original Title: The Consuming Fire

Hunter is back in Destiny. There, however, nobody in his class believes what he says. He finally tries to lead a reasonably normal life again and gets to know Trista and Rob. Strange things happen at a fair and so this time Hunter ends up in Solandria with Trista and Rob. There a new brutal opponent threatens to wipe out the word warrior resistance. Hunter faces another big task. But with combined forces and the support of Aviad, they succeed in the fight against the shadows.

Volume III: The Eye of Truth

English Original Title: The Eye of Ends

Hunter Brown has returned to his world. However, he has lost memory and can no longer remember Solandria. He is pursued by a strange figure and meets Desi, who lives with her father in the underground and fights against a group called Wächte . Hunter learns of an Eye of Truth designed to open up the possibility of seeing into the future. He goes on a dangerous mission again, the eye has to be found, apparently it showed the end of Solandria. Hunter sees his father again after a long time and is faced with difficult decisions again.


“A fantastic, big adventure. Absolute purchase recommendation! "

- Titus Müller : Hunter Brown - The fight against the shadows

Christian context

The superhuman figure "author" appears in the books. He created the two parallel worlds and has a plan for every being, which is expressed in the fact that he writes a book for each in which he writes down the stories that have happened and will happen. The figure can thus be interpreted as a symbol for God. This is also clear from the fact that he has a son ("Aviad") who gives himself up as a sacrifice for others. Presumably it is supposed to represent Jesus Christ.

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