Egidius Arend von Beneckendorff

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Egidius Arend von Beneckendorff (* 1686 in Neumark ; † after 1735) was a Prussian lieutenant colonel and first chief of the body hussar regiment and heir to Helpe in the Arnswalde district .

His parents were Egidius von Beneckendorff and Cordula Vigilanria von Wedell from the Sassenburg family. He had two other brothers: Hans Friedrich had died in Hungary, Franz Heinrich before Stralsund.

In March 1710, Beneckendorff became a lieutenant in the “Waiting Life” regiment. On October 8, 1730 he was appointed Rittmeister and Commander of the Leibhusaren Regiment and in 1733 Major . In 1735 he took his leave as lieutenant colonel.


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