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Valentin König († 1736) was a royal Polish and electoral Saxon excise inspector in Kohren and a genealogist.

Between 1727 and 1736 he, the son of the pastor of the same name in Kohren, published a three-volume genealogical history of nobility, in which he dealt with the history of nearly 200 aristocratic families in Central Germany. The title is in abbreviated form: Genealogical aristocratic history or gender description of those in the Chur-Saxon and neighboring countries [...] oldest and most handsome noble families and [...] high-counting houses . Particularly for the early history, the information provided by König is extremely unreliable and owed to the trend at the time to trace the history of noble families back to Roman history through legendary stories. The more recent data, on the other hand, are more reliable, but also need to be questioned in many cases.

Works (selection)

  • Genealogical nobility calendar - Genealogical nobility history or gender description of those noble families in Chur-Saxon and neighboring countries .

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