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Anton Balthasar König (born December 13, 1753 , † January 14, 1814 ) was a German historian and genealogist .

König graduated from the Cöllnisches Gymnasium , Berlin, and then worked as a registrar and secretary in the general directorate. From around 1800 he was employed as a councilor for the Order of St. John . König became known for his work on historical and genealogical content.

Works (selection)

  • Biographical lexicon of all heroes and military figures who made themselves famous in the Prussian service. 4 parts, Berlin 1788-1791; Reprint in 4 parts: LTR, Starnberg 1989, ISBN 3-88706-305-8 .
  • Life description of the royal. Prussia. Field Marshal General Kurt Christoph Count von Schwerin : Put on on the occasion of Berger's copperplate engraving representing Schwerin's death. Kunze, Berlin a. Frankfurt ad Oder 1790, digitized
  • Life and deeds Jakob Paul Freiherrn von Gundling , Royal Prussian Secret War, Chamber, Higher Appeal and Chamber Court Council as well as Master of Ceremonies and President at the Royal. Societät der Wissenschaften etc. of a very strange and adventurous man , Berlin 1795 (reprint: Berliner Handpresse, Berlin 1980)
  • Berlin, described historically and geographically from its creation to the present day. Along with some remarks on the literature, customs and traditions of its inhabitants , Dieterici, Berlin 1798
  • Authentic news of the life and deeds of George Freiherr von Derfflinger , digitized
  • Historically remarkable contributions to the war history of the great Elector Friedrich Wilhelms in the biography of Otto Christoph Freyherrn v. Sparr , digitized


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