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Genealogists (from ancient Greek γενεαλόγος genealógos "the manufactured a genealogy"; dating back to γενεά genea "birth, descent, clan, family " and λόγος lógos " teaching ") or genealogists deal with the genealogy of people. The majority are amateur researchers who acquire specialist knowledge over time. Genealogy is not a protected professional title.

Genealogical clubs or societies promote genealogy. Most of the German genealogical associations belong to the umbrella organization German Working Group on genealogical associations. V. (DAGV). This also organizes the annual German Genealogy Day in changing cities.

The overwhelming number of genealogists conduct their research without any gainful intent, only a small proportion (such as heir investigators ) work full-time or part-time as professional genealogists. Some of the German-speaking professional genealogists are members of the Association of German-speaking professional genealogists .

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