Southwest German sheets for family history and heraldry

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Southwest German sheets for family history and heraldry (SWDB)

description genealogical journal
Headquarters Stuttgart
First edition 1921/1949
Frequency of publication yearly
Editor-in-chief Immo Eberl
editor Association for Family Studies in Baden-Württemberg eV until 2015: Association for Family Studies and Heraldry in Württemberg and Baden eV
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The Südwestdeutsche Blätter für Familien und Wappenkunde (SWDB) is a nationwide trade journal for genealogy and heraldry that appears in Stuttgart . Mainly family and regional historical research in the area of Baden-Württemberg is published.

The Südwestdeutsche Blätter has been published by the Association for Family Studies in Baden-Württemberg and its predecessor associations since 1921. From 1921 up to and including 1944 they appeared as papers for Württemberg family history (volumes 1 to 9). After the association was re-established in 1947, it also resumed its publishing activities. From 1947 onwards, the essays first appeared under the name Results of the Württemberg-Baden Family Research . A total of three issues came out under this name by 1949, which were not included in the official volume count.

Since 1949 regular tape counting has been resumed. The volumes initially appeared irregularly under the name Südwestdeutsche Blätter für Familien- und Wappenkunde and were subdivided into individual issues. Since 1975, the volumes have been published every two years, with each being divided into twelve individual issues. Since 2007 the Südwestdeutsche Blätter has been published as individual annual volumes. Currently under the direction of the historian Immo Eberl .

Special issues

Special issues of the magazine appear at irregular intervals. The following special issues have been published so far:

  • Otto von Alberti , Kurt Wendler : List of names for Fromann's coat of arms collection in the Württemberg State Library in Stuttgart , Stuttgart 1975.
  • Karl Ehmann: The emigration to the New England states from places in the Enzkreis in the 18th century . Stuttgart 1977.
  • Georg Mann: Baden family history - name register . Stuttgart 1979.
  • Gerd Wunder : Peasant genealogy. Stuttgart 1988.
  • Hanns-Wolfgang Kress: Stammliste der Hölderlin, Hölderle (n) . Stuttgart 1993.
  • Rolf Bidlingmaier: Complete directory of Southwest German sheets for family history and heraldry / sheets for Württemberg family history / Baden family history 1921–2003 . Stuttgart 2005.

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