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Johann Georg Wilhelm Pape (born January 3, 1807 in Berlin ; † February 23, 1854 ibid) was a German classical philologist and lexicographer . To this day he is best known as the author of the Greek-German concise dictionary .


Pape received his first education in Culm , where his father was stationed as an officer. From 1820 he attended the grammar school at the gray monastery , where he passed the school leaving examination in 1825. He then studied theology and classical philology at the Berlin University . However, under the influence of the lectures of August Boeckh , Karl Lachmann and Gottfried Bernhardy , he soon turned to classical philology. After graduating in 1828, he completed his probationary year at the Gray Monastery high school, after which he was appointed a collaborator ; at the same time he acquired his doctorate in philosophy in Halle with his work Lectiones Varronianae . In 1830 Pape was made a full teacher, in 1837 a high school professor. In 1852 he developed a spinal cord disease, to which he succumbed in 1854.


In addition to school service, Pape devoted himself particularly to lexicographical studies. He wrote an etymological dictionary of the Greek language (1836), a school program de inveniendis Graecae linguae radicibus (1837) and finally his main work, the Greek-German concise dictionary , the first edition of which appeared in 1842. The second edition (1849/1850) included a dictionary of Greek proper names by Pape . It was precisely this work that became a central reference in the 19th century thanks to the adaptation by Gustav Eduard Benseler (Braunschweig 1863–1870). The main part of the Greek-German concise dictionary was published in 1880 in a third edition revised by Maximilian Sengebusch , which was reprinted several times in the early 20th century and at that time was considered a serious competitor to the largest Greek-German dictionary, the concise dictionary of the Greek language by Franz Passow .

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