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Luneburg Mushard (also written Luneberg Mushard ; * November 10, 1672 in Loxstedt ; † May 11, 1708 in Bremen ) was a pedagogue , historian and genealogist .


Mushard was the son of pastor Johann Christoph Mushard in Loxstedt. He attended the cathedral school in Bremen and studied at the University of Jena , the Leucorea in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and the University of Rostock , where he received his master's degree . In 1696 he became vice principal at the (then) royal Swedish Athenaeum in Bremen and the Bremen Cathedral School. His son was Martin Mushard , who later became the pastor of Geestendorf .


  • Monumenta nobilitatis antiquae familiarum illustrium, in ducatibus Bremensi & Verdensi, ie the feast of the clock-old, noble families, especially the highly praiseworthy knights in the Hertzogthum Bremen a. Verden. Herman and Berthold Brauer, Bremen 1708 and 1721; Republished in 1905. Reference work on the noble families of North Lower Saxony, especially in the duchies of Bremen and Verden , collection of documentary evidence, genealogies, coats of arms, etc. on the noble families. Digitized
  • Chronicon Buxtehudense . Collection of documents from the city of Buxtehude and the old monastery. Excerpts from it were published by his son in 1760.
  • Bremisch- und Verdischer Ritter-Sahl or Denckmahl of the old, famous noble families, specialty of the highly praiseworthy knights in the Hertzogthümern Bremen and Verden . Grimm, Bremen 1720. Digitized


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