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Rostock matriculation

In the Rostock matriculation portal , around 200,000 personal references from the matriculation of the University of Rostock are made accessible. The core of the portal is the database of matriculations for the periods 1419–1831, 1831–1933, 1933–1945, 1945–1992 and 1992 – today as well as the entries in the dean's books of the faculties (doctorates, receptions) 1419–1831. In addition, digital images of the original matriculations are presented, some of which are enrolled by the students. User comments enable the often very brief information to be supplemented. The places of origin of the students are shown on an interactive map. Links lead to the professors active in the semester of enrollment ( Catalogus Professorum Rostochiensium ) and the lectures offered. Individual known students are identified via the GND number and linked to other information on the Internet.

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