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First page of the register of the Free University of Berlin from 1948
Enrollment card for a civil servant in Rhineland-Palatinate with notes on the decision of the French clean-up commission, outside
Inside and insert sheet
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A matriculation (master role) is a public directory . The term is derived from the Latin matricula (list, scroll).


  • The nobility register is the register of people or families that was created for the purpose of verifying the nobility status (see also the roll of arms )
  • The Reichsmatrikel was a list of the Estates of the Holy Roman Empire, in which their were arrested for Reichsheer as alternate border troops in exact numbers and / or financial services for the maintenance of the army.

Historically, the meaning goes back to the Metroon in Athens. The Athenian State Archives were kept in this temple of the Mother of Gods .

The terms matriculation and de- registration are derived from this.

  • The university register is the directory of the members of a university. These are identified there using matriculation numbers . At many universities , associations of members of the university can also be registered in the register. Individual registration as a person belonging to a university meant in the European Middle Ages and in the early modern period the new affiliation to a different jurisdiction. The oldest surviving matriculations come from the universities in Bologna (1289), Heidelberg and Vienna .
  • The parish register as a church book (in Austria parish registers ) is a directory of all baptisms, marriages and deaths in a parish or parish. There are occasional certificates for baptismal registers from Western and Southern Europe since the early Middle Ages. Although the Decretum Gratiani (1140) contained a requirement for baptismal registers, church book-like records only became more common in the 15th century. Since the Reformation and Tridentinum , the keeping of parish registers has been mandatory.
  • The lists of members of groups organized on a cooperative basis such as guilds and religious corporations (see also Bavarian Jewish edict of 1813 ) were also referred to as registers. The entry in the register was the prerequisite for the exercise of the profession as with the matricola dei Notai del comune in Bologna since the middle of the 13th century.
  • At times the civil servants in Germany were also included in a register.
  • Entries in the land register are called matriculation.
  • The enrollment of a ship is recorded in the ship register .
  • In Switzerland, the registration or official approval of motor vehicles and aircraft as well as boats is referred to as matriculation , cf. Admission of vehicles to road traffic .
  • In the ordination registers, the lower (non-sacramental orders without laying on of hands) and higher orders (sacramental deacon, priest and bishop ordinations) are recorded.


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