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Deletions in the register of the Free University of Berlin from 1948

The deregistration is the deletion from the list of students ( matrikel ) when leaving the university .

At many universities, de-registration takes place automatically at the end of the semester in which the last exam was successfully completed and the course is considered to have ended. Students who want to leave their university early can apply to the student secretariat to be de-registered during the university's re-registration deadline.

It can also take place - in the form of a forced de-registration - without the student's application, if

  • the students are not properly reported back have
  • required contributions have not been paid, e.g. B. tuition fees or the semester fee
  • a course or examination performance required for the continuation of the course has definitely not been achieved
  • the student does not provide any proof of performance provided for in an examination or study regulation within two years (this does not apply in all federal states)
  • a student uses or threatens violence against other university members or organs or repeatedly obstructs university events.
  • the student fails to submit the insurance certificate through his or her own fault. This can happen if the student does not pay any insurance fees for half a year and the health insurance meets their registration regulations. One receives a letter without warning and is de-registered when this letter is reached. The only chance is to submit an insurance certificate within 10 days.

The individual details of these regulations can, however, differ at each university.

In the past and present, students in totalitarian and occasionally also in democratic countries have been and are frequently de-registered for political reasons.

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