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A directory or register , also catalog , folder or listing , in Austria (particularly officially) called evidence , is an arrangement of information that can be presented in a list according to certain characteristics .

Word origin

Catalog comes from the ancient Greek noun κατάλογος katálogos 'directory', 'list', in the broader sense of the ' factual representation ' or the ancient Greek verb καταλέγειν katalégein 'enumerate', 'enter in a list', and expands due to the verse representation, which is also in Prose texts can be inserted, generally on the list and on to directories in general.

Register stands in the neo-Latin legal and business language to registrare 'record inventory' from Latin regesta to lively 'enter'.

In the Middle Ages were scrolls of parchment used mainly for directories still in administration. The term Rotulus (Latin) and the German terms “Rodel” and “Rödel” derived from it are also used for this purpose (the word “Rolle” also comes from the Latin word rotulus and rotula ). Occasionally there were rotuli made of paper (for example a paper rotulus about the process expenses of the Essen monastery 1353-1355).


Typical simple directories in written form are alphabetically ordered or hierarchically structured lists . In electronic data processing , directories are used for logical structuring. A directory (or folder ) is part of the directory structure of a file system .


The words folders and directories have slightly different meanings, although they are often used to mean the same thing. When referring to a “container for documents”, the term folder is more appropriate. The term directory refers to a structured list of documents, files, and folders on your computer. A directory is like a phone book that contains names, phone numbers, and addresses, but not the actual houses themselves.


The principle of the register can be linked to form complex structures. The basic principle is then multi-dimensional linked lists that result in complex directories. These could no longer be represented in paper form, or only with immense effort.

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