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A pedagogue (from ancient Greek παιδαγωγός paidagogós ) is a person who usually deals professionally with educational activities, i.e. the practice of upbringing and education and the theories of pedagogy . The term pedagogue is primarily used for a person who has completed a course of study in the field of the academic discipline of pedagogy (in German-speaking countries, the most common qualifications are those of a qualified pedagogue or a state examination or a master's degree in educational science ). Since the professional title of pedagogue is not protected, it often includes all pedagogical professionals such as teachers and educators , especially in the general language .

Origin of the term

The term pedagogue is derived from the ancient Greek word ὁ παιδαγωγός ( ho paidagogós ) and originally referred to the slave who accompanied the student to his teacher (from: παῖς 'boy', 'child'; ἄγειν , ἀγω 'lead', 'I.' lead ') in the sense of boy leader, then overseer, educator of boys, leader, teacher . Not infrequently, learned slaves were entrusted with the rest of the upbringing and education.

Professions and fields of work

The spectrum of pedagogical professions and fields of work is broad: Pedagogically trained specialists are mainly found in the classic fields of school pedagogy , social pedagogy , special, curative and support pedagogy , adult and advanced training or geragogy . Since 2011 there has also been the occupational profile of childhood educator, who is trained primarily in the early childhood education sector .

In addition to the qualified pedagogue , most pedagogues use the professional title according to their specialty, such as special pedagogues , social pedagogues or business pedagogues .

Pedagogical specialists can be found e.g. B. in the work areas of child and youth welfare , such as home education , socio-educational family assistance as well as after- school care , kindergarten or crèche and in the support of physically and mentally handicapped children and young people. In particular, this previous field of work, which was summarized in social pedagogy , often flows smoothly into social work . Furthermore, special educators and school educators , for example, often have a wide range of points of contact and interfaces - not only at special schools and all-day schools with socio-educational support. Some pedagogues specialize in drug counseling , media pedagogues , circus pedagogues , adventure pedagogues , environmental pedagogues or sex pedagogues through additional or expanded forms of training or during their practical work . Here, too, the boundaries between upbringing , education and social work become blurred in practical work .

The field of activity is not only (as the term suggests) limited to the upbringing, education and care of children and young people . Education and training for young people and adults, but also work with parents in schools and homes, has given rise to a separate branch of education, adult education .

Academic training

Pedagogical courses are offered at universities , colleges of education , technical colleges and vocational academies .

Prior to the Bologna Process, the university subject of education / pedagogy could be studied in the framework of diploma and master’s courses as well as in teacher training courses , with almost all of the educational science courses and some of the teaching courses being converted to bachelor and master’s courses . The majority of the pedagogical subjects / sub-disciplines can be studied as a course of study in the educational science / pedagogy course . Some subject areas are also available as independent courses, such as social education / social work and special and curative education .

Academic degrees Pedagogical Bachelor and Master courses are offered at universities and vocational academies . They mainly have the qualifications Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Master of Arts (MA).

University graduates

University graduates / college graduates

Vocational college graduates

Non-academic training

Pedagogical professions are offered at technical schools or vocational schools and last two to five years, depending on the federal state, previous experience and the value of the training.

Technical schools

The pedagogical occupations there include:

Vocational schools

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