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Stephan Kekule, ca.1904

Stephan Karl Kekule (since 1895 Kekule von Stradonitz , born May 1, 1863 in Gent , Belgium , † May 5, 1933 in Berlin ) was a German lawyer, private scholar, heraldist and genealogist from the Kekulé von Stradonitz family.

Kekule, a son of the Bonn chemist August Kekule , used an ancestral numbering system in his "pedigree atlas" in 1898 , which was later named after him and is still in use today, the Kekule numbers .


Stephan Kekule was born in Ghent, Belgium, in 1863, where his father was a professor at the time. His mother Stephanie geb. Drory died in childbed two days later. After attending grammar school in Bonn and studying law and history in Bonn and Strasbourg , Kekule initially embarked on a military career and served as an artillery officer in the Prussian army from 1885 to 1889 . In 1889 he left military service and enrolled again as a student at Berlin University , where he stayed until 1892.

He then entered the legal civil service and was a trainee lawyer at the Berlin Court of Appeal . From 1897 to 1905 he represented Prince Georg in the schaumburg-Lippe throne dispute and was appointed chamberlain by him. Kekule turned sharply against the anti-Semitic publication Semi-Gotha , published in 1912 . On January 10, 1920, he was the best man at the marriage between Adolf Fürst zu Schaumburg-Lippe (son of Prince Georg) and Elisabeth Franziska Bischoff-Korthaus. His legal and genealogical reputation helped him in the following years to an extensive expert work for some noble families . The politician Kuno von Westarp commissioned him to refute allegations by political opponents that his family had Jewish ancestors. Kekule finally became a sworn expert for questions of heraldry at the regional court Berlin and expert of the commission of the arsenal of the national museums in Berlin .

Kekule was a foreign member of the academy of non-profit science in Erfurt , treasurer (since 1894), section head (1900–1903) for genealogy and chairman (1923–1933) of the “ Herold ” association, the oldest German genealogist association (founded 1869), first secretary of the Association for Historical Armaments and since 1932 head of Department VI (Genealogy and Heraldry) of the General Association of German History and Antiquity Associations .

Kekule was in front of the Berlin Freemason Lodge, To the Three Lights in the Field , founded in 1896, under the Grand Lodge, To the Three Worlds , and was the chief archivist of the Federal Gazette of this Grand Lodge. He wrote numerous legal and genealogical publications, especially in professional journals dealing with heraldry and nobility law.


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