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Internet Inter-ORB Protocol ( IIOP ) is a specification of the Object Management Group (OMG). This is a protocol defined in CORBA based on GIOP , with which the Object Request Broker (ORB) can communicate via the Internet in order to execute method calls from objects on other computers .

IIOP is a specialization of the abstract General Inter-ORB Protocol (GIOP) for communication via TCP / IP . GIOP and IIOP were defined in CORBA version 2.0. With the help of the IIOP, ORBs from different manufacturers can communicate with one another.

IIOP uses the TCP port 683, for the variant encrypted with SSL the TCP port 684. In the list of ports used by the IANA , the ports are referred to as "CORBA IIOP" and "CORBA IIOP SSL". The corresponding UDP ports are also reserved there; however, these are not used in practice.

Outside of CORBA architectures, the IIOP protocol is also used as an alternative communication protocol for remote method invocation in Java applications. The overall protocol is then called RMI over IIOP .

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