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In the late 1980s , the requirements of the ITU-R (radio communications sector of the International Telecommunications Union ) for a third generation mobile radio system (3G mobile radio system) were summarized under the name " IMT-2000 " (International Mobile Telecommunications-2000) . These requirements were met by the three standards UMTS , CDMA2000 and UWC-136 . IMT-2000 emerged from the "Future Public Land Mobile Telecommunication System" (FPLMTS) standard.

IMT-2000 is a list of requirements from ITU recommendations of the M area ( mobile radio services ). More precisely:

  • M.816-1 Framework for (cellular) services
    • M.817 IMT-2000 network architecture
    • M.818-1 satellites in IMT-2000
  • M.819-2 IMT-2000 for developing countries
  • M.687-2 IMT-2000 Concepts and Goals
  • M.1034-1 Requirements for the air interfaces
  • M.1035 Framework for Air Interfaces and Functions
  • M.1036 frequency spectrum
  • M.1078 Security in IMT-2000
  • M.1079 voice / data in the voice band
  • M.1167 Framework for Satellites
  • M.1168 Framework for Management
  • M.1223 Evaluation of security mechanisms
  • M.1224 vocabulary for IMT-2000
  • M.1225 Evaluation of transmission techniques

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