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The INT 1 (also written INT-1 ), as the abbreviation for "International Nautical Chart No. 1", is the list of all symbols and abbreviations used in the international nautical charts. It is published by the " International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)".


The INT-1 is based on the IHO “Chart Specifications” and was put into effect in 1982 at the 12th International Hydrographic Conference in Monaco. At that time it was about official nautical charts on paper. The aim was to achieve a uniform map image with identical symbols and cross-lingual designations in all countries. To this end, it has been supplemented and improved several times. Today it is a widespread reference work for every card user, from the pleasure boat skipper to the captain.

The INT-1 is part of the publication S-4 (Regulations for International Charts and Chart Specifications) and is related to the INT-2 (graticule and scales) and the INT-3 (use of abbreviations and symbols).


A - card number, card title, card edge
B - positions, distances, directions, declines
C - natural forms
D - buildings
E - landmarks
F - hydraulic structures, ports
G - Hydrographic Terms
H - tides, tides
I - lows
J - basic designations
K - rocks, wrecks, navigation obstacles
L - offshore installations
M - shipping lanes
N - areas, boundaries
O - Hydrographic terms
Navigation aids
P - beacon
Q - buoys, beacons
R - fog sound signals
S - radar, radio stations, satellite navigation
T - services and facilities
Underground facilities for recreational shipping
Alphabetical directories
V - List of Abbreviations
W - International Abbreviations
X - index

Sources of supply

The original INT-1 is freely available as Open Data in English under the public domain license .

Some countries offer a translated free edition. It is bilingual in English and in the national language:


Germany offers a free 2% excerpt under “Important symbols and abbreviations for small and sport boat tickets”.

Current edition: Map 1 - symbols, abbreviations, terms in German nautical charts . Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, Hamburg / Rostock, 2018, ISBN 978-3-86987-892-8


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