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IHO member states

The International Hydrographic Organization ( IHO ; German  International Hydrographic Organization ) was founded in 1921 as a permanent institution under the name International Hydrographic Bureau ( IHB ; German International Hydrographic Office ) by 19 countries. At the invitation of Prince Albert I , a seafaring and research enthusiast , the seat was set up in Monaco . The current name has existed since 1970, since then IHB has been the name of the organization's secretariat, which was set up in Monaco .

In 2006 the IHO had 74 member states, whose representatives (the heads of the national hydrographic institutions) meet every five years for international hydrographic conferences in Monaco.

IHO publications are published in English and French , some also in Spanish .

Goal setting

  • Coordination of the activities of national hydrographic institutions
  • Creation of standards for the most uniform possible creation of nautical documents and nautical charts (including electronic editions)
  • Development and optimization of reliable hydrographic research methods
  • Scientific advancement of oceanography.
  • Data on marine environmental protection, coastal zone management and maritime spatial planning


INT refers to nautical charts that have been designed in accordance with the standardization proposal of the IHO publication M-4. This contains specifications for coloring, map symbols, labeling (nomenclature) of nautical charts and enables the use of editions from any hydrographic institute side by side. Cards that meet this standard can be identified by the purple label INT… (followed by the international identification number of the plant) on the upper and lower edge of the card.

The idea of ​​an INT chart set covering the whole world was taken up in 1971. So far, the idea has been fully implemented for small-scale maps (1: 10,000,000 and 1: 3,500,000), while INT maps in larger scales already exist for a large number of sea areas.

The German map 1 ( INT 1 ) contains all the symbols and abbreviations used in international maps of the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) , as well as all those used in national maps issued by the BSH.

Member states

The IHO has the following member states with their own hydrographic organization:

country Hydrographic organization abbreviation status
Egypt Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Dept ENHD
Algeria Hydrographic Service of Naval Forces
Argentina Servicio de Hidrografía Naval
Australia Australian Hydrographic Service
Bahrain Hydrographic Survey Directorate
Bangladesh Directorate of Hydrography
Belgium Vlaamse hydrography
Brazil Directorate of Hydrography and Navigation
Chile Servicio Hidrografico y Oceanografico de la Armada
China Maritime Safety Administration MSA
Denmark Geodatastyrelsen GST
Germany Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency BSH
Dominican Republic Instituto Cartográfico Militar floating
Ecuador Instituto Oceanográfico de la Armada
Estonia Estonian Maritime Administration EMA EMA
Finland Hydrographic Office of Finnish Transport Agency
France Service hydrographique et océanographique de la Marine SHOM
Greece Hellenic Navy Hydrographic Service
Iceland Islandic Coast Guard
India National Hydrographic Office
Indonesia Dinas Hidro-Oseanografi DISHIDROS
Iran Ports and Maritime Organization PMO PMO
Ireland Marine survey office
Italy Istituto Idrografico Della Marina
Jamaica Surveys And Mapping Division
Japan Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department
Canada Canadian Hydrographic Service
Cameroon Port Autonome de Douala PAD
Colombia Direccion General Maritima
Congo Direction de la Marine et des Voies Navigables floating
Croatia Hrvatski Hidrografski Institute
Cuba Oficina Nacional de Hidrografía y Geodesia
Malaysia National Hydrographic Center NHC
Morocco Hydrography, Oceanography and Cartography Division DHOC
Monaco Direction des Affaires Maritimes
Montenegro Institute of Hydrometeorology and Seismology of Montenegro
Mozambique Instituto Nacional de Hidrografia E Navegação
Myanmar Myanmar Naval Hydrographic Center NNHC
Netherlands Hydrographic Service
New Zealand Country information New Zealand LINZ
Nigeria Nigerian Navy Hydrographic Office
North Korea
Norway Norwegian Mapping Authority
Oman National Hydrographic Office Royal Navy of Oman
Pakistan Hydrographic Department Naval Headquarters
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Hyd. service
Peru Dirección de Hidrografía y Navegación
Philippines National Mapping and Resource Information Authority
Poland Hydrographic Office of the Polish Navy
Portugal Instituto Hidrográfico
Romania Hydrographic Section
Russia Department of Navigation and Oceanography
Saudi Arabia General Commission for Survey GCS
Serbia floating
Singapore Hydrographic Department of Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore
Slovenia MZP
South Africa Hydrographic Office
South Korea Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Administration KHOA
Spain Instituto Hidrográfico de la Marina HIM
Sri Lanka National Hydrographic Office
Suriname Maritime Authority Suriname MAS
Sweden Sjöfartsverket
Syria General Directorate Of Ports
Thailand Hydrographic Department of Royal Thai Navy
Trinidad and Tobago The Hydrographic Unit
Tunisia Center Hydrographique et Océanographique de la marine nationale
Turkey Hidrografi Ve Osinografi Dairesi Baskanligi
Ukraine State Hydrographic Service of Ukraine
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Kingdom Hydrographic Office UKHO
United States NOAA Office of Coast Survey (OCS / NOS) NOAA
Uruguay Servicio de Oceanografia, Hidrografia y Meteorologia de la Armada SOHMA
Venezuela Direccion de Hidrografia Y Navegacion DHN

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Individual evidence

  1. BSH press release on the IHO conference in Monaco ( Memento from November 8, 2014 in the Internet Archive )